CourtneyCo Photography


This is Me.

Hi. My name is Courtney.  I’m the photographer behind CourtneyCo. I’m starting this blog on my website because I want you to know me personally and not just see my work. I want you to feel a connection to my photographs because you know me. Because you know the journey that I’ve been on, how I’ve gotten to where I am, and where I’m going. I want to share what I’ve learned as I’ve created, shot, and edited photographs, and as I’ve met and worked with amazing people. In short..

I want you to know what photography means to me.

I believe photographs are intimate.  They represent a moment in time that the photographer has curated, choosing purposefully the camera, lens, lighting, and posing to craft a beautiful image. Every photographer sees the moment differently. The way a photographer chooses to capture that moment reflects the way a photographer sees the world.  The photograph is a piece of the photographer's soul, because of what of they have put into it. All the hours of study and practice, the failures, successes, and sacrifices are represented in that photograph. 

For the subject, it is an intimate look at who they are. They are not one in a crowd, unseen, but the one that stands out. The one that is in focus. They become the subject of study. The angles and contours of their body are highlighted. Their expressions reveal who they are and what they feel. They will never be this person again-not this same exact person captured in the photograph. What they were feeling at that moment about themselves, the trials and circumstances they were dealing with, the people in their life, and beyond will never be exactly the same again. But the moment lives on in the photograph. 

That is why I like photography. It is an art form that captures time and preserves a memory. In that way, the photographer and the subject experience a deeply intimate moment together. It creates connection. I like to paint, draw, and design, but photography is fulfilling in ways the other modes of art are not. Portrait photography is created by at least two people: the photographer and the subject. They rely on each other to create a beautiful work of art, and for that reason--that dependency, that connection--I love photography. 

Behind every shoot, there is a memory, a story, a friend made... With every opportunity to shoot there is growth and learning. There are reasons I have come to be where I am, to be doing what I am doing, and there are places I have yet to go and to experience, dreams that are still unfulfilled.. This blog will tell those stories, those triumphs, those setbacks, the sacrifices and struggles, insecurities and frustrations, the serendipitous moments and lucky breaks. I want you to know my story, and I want you to be a part of it.